Porter, Founders Brewing Company

Porter Label

Basic Beer Info:

  • Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.
  • Beer: Porter
  • Batch: n/a
  • Beer type: Robust Porter
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Imbibition date: 12-11-13
  • Temperature: Not sure, it was in my fridge for a week and then I took it out and let it sit for 40 minutes or so.
  • Serving type: Poured from 12oz bottle into a pint glass
  • Price: $9.99/six pack of 12 oz bottles (Binny’s Beverage Depot)

Founders Brewing Co. is fairly well distributed in the Midwest and East Coast regions of the US but is based in Grand Rapids Michigan, just a quick 3 or 4 hour drive from where I’m sitting right now. They’re best known around Chicago for their seasonal breakfast stout and rye IPA that’ll pop up on tap around the city at various times of the year. The bottled porter is a good one too though, and it’s available year round.


Score: 4.0/5

The beer pours an incredibly dark brown, almost black, with a half a finger’s width worth of head the color of beach sand. I probably poured when the beer was still a little too cold. I have a bad habit of taking a beer out of the fridge with the intention of letting it warm up a little bit to an appropriate drinking temperature but not being able to wait. Anyway, the head quickly receded to the edges of the glass, leaving behind a thin film of very fine bubbles covering about 70% of the beer. The beer is so dark that I can’t gauge it’s opacity.

Aroma: 3.75/5

Mmmmm, dark, roasty malt. A little bit of freshly baked bread. Zero hops.

Taste: 4.0/5

Mmmmm, more dark, roasty malt. Notes of dark chocolate, maybe a hint of coffee. Not a dry finish, but it isn’t overly sweet either. I don’t get much hop bitterness at all, seems that most of the bitter flavor comes from the darkly roasted malt. Founders claims that this beer is on the hoppier end of the style’s range but I really don’t notice much of the hop bitterness.

Mouthfeel: 4.25/5

A great mouthfeel, very true to form. Medium body, slightly smooth, a fine tickle on the tongue as the beer enters your mouth.


Eh. Points for accurately and intriguingly describing the beer (“Dark, rich, sexy”), but that’s about it. Who is that woman?

Overall: 4.0/5

The Porter by Founders Brewing Co. is a great example of the style and a great example of a quality beer. It’s a hearty, complex, roasty ale. And to top it off, it’s a great value.


Final Rating1: 3.98/5


To see a list of all my beer reviews and ratings, check out the Summary of Beers Reviewed page.

  1. My final rating is a weighted average of the 5 component ratings. See the Beer Review Methodology Page

  2. The aFR (adjusted Final Rating) is my attempt at standardizing beer ratings across the increasingly vast pricing and container volume differences. It ranges from near 0 to near 25, the higher the number is the better the beer is in terms of quality and value. See the Beer Review Methodology Page

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