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William S Godfrey bio photo By William S Godfrey


I am a licensed structural engineer based in Chicago. I have over 10 years of experience in the analysis, design, and investigation of new and existing structures. My educational and professional background has focused on stress analysis using analytical mechanics (static and dynamic) and its practical application as it pertains to the built environment.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with with my wife and dog. I also like to ‘jog’, ride my bike, look at maps, and prentend like I can create useful tools with Python & R.

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This site

This website currently uses Jekyll with a very slightly modified version of the So Simple Theme and is hosted on Github Pages.

Why Jekyll?

The site used to be on Wordpress which was annoying with its constant nagging about updates and awful WYSIWYG editor on the backend. I felt like I had to very carefully work around the awfully generated HTML in order to accomplish the simplest things. And it wasn’t like I needed all that functionality anyway. This site is used very little. It was time to simplify.

Jekyll is a parsing engine bundled as a ruby gem used to build static websites from dynamic components such as templates, partials, liquid code, markdown, etc. Jekyll is known as “a simple, blog aware, static site generator.” In other words, the website is now simply a set of static files. Posts are written in Markdown and, since I’m using Github Pages for hosting, pushed to the site.